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Philips Lighting and Tarkett launch LED Luminous vinyl flooring

Get connected with vinyl flooring

Philips Lighting and Tarkett introduce vinyl flooring using connected LED technology to interact with customers to improve their experience.

Philips Lighting and Tarkett announced the launch of Luminous vinyl flooring. The specially developed vinyl tiles are embedded with cutting-edge LED technology that enables retailers to advertise, interact with customers and guide them through any store or building.

The new Luminous vinyl flooring, principally aimed at retail and hospitality environments, enables the broadcast of luminous messages, animations and adverts on the vinyl floor to provide unique customer experiences and help drive sales.

“We are passionate about helping our clients to create unique spaces with our flooring solutions in all kind of sectors such as retail, hospitality and offices where differentiation and brand identity are key. With Luminous vinyl flooring we take our “Unique Spaces” innovation strategy to the next level allowing flooring to display dynamic messages or animations and to grab people’s attention in an unprecedented way.”

Anne-Christine Ayed, EVP Research, Innovation and Environment at Tarkett.

“Increasingly light is being embedded into floors, walls and ceilings. This latest innovation with Tarkett extends this trend and offers new ways to engage shoppers, visitors and employees. Light can be used to welcome and guide people, alert them to special offers and even advertise to them. When connected to the web all kind of dynamic real-time information can be displayed and remote access allows the retailer to program multiple branches” 

Dr. Bernd Voelpel, General Manager Luminous at Philips Lighting.

A wide variety of choice

Luminous vinyl flooring is available in a wide variety of decors and modern finishes, such as wood, mineral effects and graphic designs.

The vinyl flooring is made using an innovative light translucent formula enabling glowing effects. The connected LED lights in the flooring allow displays to be pre-programmed or personalized by a tap of a smartphone screen or the click of a mouse.

Also, real-time Internet content is displayable, as the cloud-based content management system can link to an external social media channel such as a Twitter feed.  

How it started

The collaboration between Tarkett and Philips Lighting started in 2013 by introducing Luminous carpets with Desso in Europe, extended to Tandus carpet in North America, both brands being part of Tarkett.

Several offices and show venues have chosen this unique solution for personal welcome messages, branding and guiding.

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Luminous vinyl flooring

Seamless integration of LED lighting in carpet and vinyl creates experiences which are inspiring, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

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